In the event that you want support by an American individual actual issue lawful consultant in the United States, contact us!

We can talk both Russian comparably English.

Our firm has U.S. individual injury attorneys who have down to earth insight in up close and personal injury cases and security incorporation inside U.S. courts!

Besides, you can get information from us before your visit concerning the shot at getting the compensation you merit through a lawful question for an agent in the USA If you plan to visit the country for work.

Our assistants U.S. lawful counselors at the firm that tends to Bikhman and Vinbaytel P.C. are instructed concerning the points of interest of New York work law and the complexities of chooses and decides in that industry. Our firm tends to improvement delegates who’ve suffered wounds at advancement site. As a rule, these setbacks can make liberal physical and money related damages the person who was harmed. In solicitation to guarantee the honors and opportunities of our clients who are hurt at building regions or workplaces, we intend to get maximal proportion of compensation for their injuries in the courts.

We should meet one another (show film of the law office we work for):

The lawful counselors and attorneys of our firm.

We protect the opportunities and honors of the overcomers of accidents at a wide scope of building regions when:

Inability to take the authentic prosperity protections in light of a legitimate concern for the owner or chief

Building objections are leaned to falling articles.

Prosperity encroachment

Events that result in pulverization of workplaces, demolishment of plans, and unearthings

Setbacks including device and equipment that are critical

Electric equipment can cause electrical setbacks.

Utilization of hazardous equipment and gadgets

Mixed up lifting or bringing down of the cargo

Tumbles from high above

Tumbles from structure or ladders.

Gear accidents


Various disasters in the improvement business that can happen on or near the work site

Benefits from workers’ comp are just one piece of the benefits a hurt improvement expert by an incident could get. In development to the compensation for disaster wounds workers can get impressive financial reimbursement for the exacerbation and suffering similarly as various damages cash related coming about on account of a setback by recording an action against an outcast who could be liable for the event.

Accepting that you’re a pilgrim and you have been hurt on an advanced site, don’t let your chief or director to keep you from uncovering the setback and getting financial benefits or various benefits that you legally get.

This being said that you don’t have to pay legal advisor’s charges since we get pay from careful individuals and get-togethers.

Reach out to us through Moscow by calling 7 (495) 114-52-78 for a game plan and help from a lawful consultant in the event that you’ve been hurt on the improvement site. It is furthermore basic to ensure that you are all over ready in case you expect to visit in the USA and work at a structure site, or any site of improvement there or to play out an advancement work, which consolidates fixes to work environments and apartment suites Call us now and we’ll give complete information similarly as the contact amounts of our accessories – advancement setback lawyers generally through the USA for no cost.


What happens when you counsel a U.S. improvement injury lawyer is finished:

Comments from the U.S. advancement disaster legitimate advisors:

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